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Beijing, capital of China, is one of the world's great cities, brimming with history and culture. Modern and ancient intermingle in this fascinating metropolis. There are many great historical sites in Beijing, including the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall passes nearby.

Beautiful and beguiling - discover Beijing ...

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Great Wall of China

Great Wall Beijing

Walk along the world's largest man-made structure, in beautiful countryside. There are 8 sections to explore near Beijing

Forbidden City

Forbidden City Photos

Explore the world's largest imperial palace complex, with massive courtyards and magnificent architecture

Summer Palace

Summer Palace Photos

With interconnected lakes and many pavilions, bridges and halls. A showcase of the art of Chinese gardens

Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven Photos

This exquisitely beautiful and iconic temple is situated in large, liberally forested gardens

Beihai Park

Beihai Park Photos

One of the oldest and most authentically preserved imperial gardens in China, with a Tibetan style white dagoba on the island hill in the lake. Plus many other scenic spots

TianAnMen Square

The world's largest plaza. TianAnMen Gate connects the square to the Forbidden City. On the rostrum of this gate Mao ZeDong declared the People's Republic of China on October 1st 1949

Beijing Zoo

Beijing Aquarium

Has a large collection of species from around the world, including the Panda. Set in a rich landscape of trees, hills and lakes with 30 large halls and one of the world's largest sea-life centers


YuanMingYuan Park Photos

The 'Old Summer Palace' has several lakes and rich landscaping. It once had more than 150 scenic spots until destroyed by invaders in 1860 and 1900. Some structures have now been restored.

XiangShan Park

Look out over Beijing from the beautiful Fragrant Hills that rise to 1,600m west of Beijing. Has a cable car for the ascent or decsent. Famous spot for autumn leaves

Chinese Nationalities Ethnic Culture Park

Ethnic Culture Park Photos

See the wonderfully varied architecture, dance and culture of China's ethnic minorities

BaDaChu Park

Temples and nunneries on a zigzag path up part of the Western Fragrant Hills. A nice mix of history, culture and the 'great outdoors'

Beijing Botanical Garden

With lakes, streams, large musical fountain, a giant glasshouse and also the Wofosi (Sleeping Buddha) Temple. Large and peaceful grounds

Beijing Olympic Park

The primary scene for the Beijing 2008 Olympics, featuring the 'Birds Nest' Stadium, 'Water Cube' Aquatics Center, LingLong Pagoda and the PanGu Center

Beijing Birds Nest

The much adored and unique design of the National Stadium will continue to attract visitors for years to come

Beijing Olympic Park at Night

The beautifully-lit Olympic venues and surrounding plaza

The National Center for the Performing Arts

The three venues inside the NCPA (Grand Theater) form the flagship performance space in Beijing, and an iconic venue in its own right.

QianHai & HouHai

Explore the hutongs (ancient alleys) - and the bars and cafes - surounding these peaceful lakes, by foot or by ricksaw. HouHai is at the heart of the tradional hutong area of central Beijing

Prince Gong's Mansion

Prince Gong's Mansion Photos

An elaborate and exquisite example of a 'grand courtyards and garden residence' from imperial days

ZhongShan Park

ZhongShan Park Photos

In honor of Sun YatSen, who helped create China's first republic, this delightful park lies between TianAnMen and the Forbidden City (on the west side)

YongHeGong Lama Temple

YongHeGong Lama Temple Photos

One of the largest and most important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the world. The building and artworks of YongHeGong combine Han Chinese and Tibetan styles

LongTan Park

'Dragon Park'. A beautiful and fascinating park with a large lake, rock gardens, boating and exercise areas


Popular shopping district with 2 large malls and pedestrianised street. With WangFuJing Bookstore and a large Arts and Crafts store to its right

ChaoYang Park

'Rising Sun Park' has large lakes, a funfair area, hosts outdoor concerts and sport, and is also a great location for a walk. The surround is becoming a new nightlife area

JingShan Park

JingShan Park Photos

Directly north of the Forbidden City, it features the only hill in Beijing city. Like Tiantan, a popular place for locals who gather to exercise, sing and dance


Not far east of the Drum Tower lies this reinvented hutong filled with unusual shops, boutiques, cafes, bars and small hotels


Traditional art materials and paintings abound in this lively market street

TaoRanTing Park

Once popular with poets and revolutionaries, this large park in south west Beijing features many interesting pavilions and water features

Beijing Central Business District (CBD)

The Central Business District around GuoMao

Temple of Confucius, Beijing

Confucius was perhaps the greatest single influence on Chinese thinking. Here (KongMiao) is now housed 139 tablets inscribed with the '13 Classics'

ChangPu River Park

Delightful small park between WangFuJing and TianAnMen Square on the north side of Chang'An Avenue

Yuan Dynasty Dadu Relics Park

This new and very long park has a multitude of interesting sculptures and other features. A great place to take a relaxing stroll

Imperial City Wall Park, Beijing

This new park follows part of the old city wall and is a lovely retreat from the bustle of nearby WangFuJing

Drum and Bell Towers

These towers are a common feature of Chinese cities (and temples), used to announce the time during the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties

White Cloud Taoist Temple

An important temple for Taoism; a tranquil place to visit

White Dagoba Buddhist Temple

The larger companion of the dagoba in Beihai Park is the centerpiece of this peaceful Buddhist temple


A huge and lively semi-open market full of a wide variety of antiques, arts and and crafts; especially popular at weekends

Grand View Garden

Filled with archetypal Chinese scenery : rocky hills and tunnels, bridges, courtyards, pavilions, a Buddhist temple, corridors and more, all set in a lush landscape with a lake, streams and trees

LianHuaChi Park

This quite new park is peaceful and offers exercise, fun and a relaxing stroll. And lots of lotus flowers, June to September (best: July & August)

YuYuanTan Park

A huge park with a large lake, famous for cherry blossom trees, and with many other features

Workers Cultural Palace

This peaceful park contains the beautiful Imperial Ancestral Temple (TaiMiao)

TuanJieHu Park

A feature-rich park in east Beijing that is popular with the locals

XuanWu Park

A feature-rich, smallish park popular with the locals


Recently rebuilt in traditional Qing Dynasty style, QianMen Street lies just south of TianAnMen Square

Ghost Street

A lantern-filled street specialising in hot-pot restaurants, west of DongZhiMen

Purple Bamboo Park

Three connected lakes with two islands, lotus flowers, small hills, streams, bridges, pavilions, rock gardens - and about 50 varieties of bamboo. Also known as the Black Bamboo Park

798 Art Factory, DaShanZi District

798 Art Factory Photos

An old industrial park reborn as a thriving art district, with much of the old preserved by the new inhabitants. Galleries, workshops, cafes and bars

TV Tower, Beijing

Golden dragons guard the tower that provides wonderful views of the city, with a viewing platform 250 meters high. Fast elevator and rotating restaurant

Beijing World Park

See many sites from around the world in miniature. In attractive gardens and with some fun rides

Ditan Park

The Temple of Earth is a 40 acre site with towering pine and cypress trees, and a large square altar

TanZheSi Temple and JieTaiSi Temple

Set in forested mountains to the west of Beijing, these are tranquil retreats in fresh mountain air, scented with burning incence. Charming and hardly changed for centuries

LongQing Gorge

90km northwest of Beijing, this is a great day out with opportunities for boating and hiking. Within the gorge is the largest dam in northern China, more than 70 meters high

Ming Tombs

Giant statues line the Spirit Ways to underground tombs of emperors from the Ming Dynasty

QingNianHu Park

Lovely park with large outdoor pool

The Place

(Almost) the world's largest LED screen runs though this high-end shopping and bars street. European classical style meets the ultra-modern

Beijing Happy Valley

The latest stomach-churning funfair rides set in 'mysterious ancient civilisations' themed areas

LiuYin Park

An oasis with a large lake and abundant willow trees, reeds, lotuses and bamboo


Where the east 2nd Ring meets the central Chang'An Avenue


Gateway to the Great Wall

RiTan Park

The Temple of the Sun

YueTan Park

The Temple of the Moon

Museums, Galleries, Theatres and Cinemas

Art galleries and museums in Beijing.
Museums and Art Galleries

The best places to see the history and culture of both China and the world. Plus the best from the world of the arts, ancient and contemporary

Theatres and concert halls in Beijing.
Concert Halls and Theatres

The best places to see classical and jazz music, acrobatics and Chinese Opera, dance and KungFu, and more

Cinemas in Beijing.

The best cinemas in Beijing to see both Chinese and international films, often with subtitles

Panoramic Photographs of Beijing

Panoramic photos of Beijing city.

Panoramic Photographs of Beijing

There are over 1,500 beautiful panorama photos in these galleries.
Click on any thumbnail to see the super-size version; it's almost like being there!

Beijing Guide Book.

The Beijing Guide Travel Book

165 full color pages with 500 beautiful photographs and 6 maps covering over 60 places of interest.
All place names are also shown in Chinese script so it is easy to get around by taxi.

The new edition has been expanded; 20 more pages covering the best museums, art galleries,
concert halls, theatres, acrobatics venues, Chinese Opera and cinemas.

Large square format (22cm x 22cm).

See where you can go, before you go, to make the most of your time in Beijing.

This book is also a great souvenir.

Beijing Travel Guide Books, E-Books and Maps

Cultural Activities

Formation Dance in JingShan Park, Beijing. Ice-Skating at ChongWenMen, Beijing Water Calligraphy in BeiHai Park, Beijing TaiChi in BeiHai Park, Beijing Ribbon Dancing in BeiHai Park, Beijing
Popular Cultural Activites in Beijing (200 photos)

Beijing in the Autumn and Winter

Winter fun at QianHai Lake, Beijing. Ice swimming at HouHai Lake, Beijing Ice Hockey at QianHai Lake, Beijing Winter fun at QianHai Lake, Beijing (part 2). Winter sunset at QianHai and HouHai Lakes, Beijing.
Photographs of Beijing in the Autumn and Winter (1,200 photos)

China Culture and Travel Video Guides

ShangHai, GuiLin and YangShuo, HaiNan, Shangri-la, Xi'An, Hong Kong, ...

A wide variety of travel guide and culture videos from all around China.

Videos of Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Great Wall, Beijing.
High quality BeiJing travel and culture videos

The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace,
Beihai Park, YuanMingYuan, YongHeGong Lama Temple, and more ...

High quality China travel and culture videos

Chinese History and Culture

The History of China Chinese Inventions
Chinese Language The Three Pillars of Chinese Philosophy
Taoism ~ Confucianism ~ Buddhism
Other Philosophical Ideas
Qi ~ Yin Yang ~ I Ching ~ Five Elements ~ Feng Shui
Other Ancient Cultural Aspects
Dragon and Pheonix ~ Numbers
The Three Bases of the Arts
Calligraphy ~ Music ~ Poetry
Chinese Opera
Tea, Food and Dining Health and Fitness
Chinese Medicine ~ Exercise ~ Ping Pong
Chinese Materials
Bronze ~ Lacquer ~ Porcelain ~ Silk ~ Jade
Arts and Crafts
Seals ~ Cloisonne ~ Paper Cuts ~Kites
Architecture Garden Arts
Trade and Modernity Place Names

Chinese History and Culture


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Beijing Introduction

Introduction to Beijing

All the background you need on Beijing : history, location, economy, transport ...

Beijing Photographs

Discover the city of Beijing ... (650 photos)


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China travel guide videos

Life in Beijing

Beijing Map
Beijing's Hutongs and Lakes
Beijing's Seasons
Food and Dining ~ Shopping ~ Nightlife ~ Transport
Public Holidays ~ Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)
Chinese Language Guide
Beijing 2008 Olympics

Life in Beijing

Beijing Trip

Beijing Holiday




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